Why Choose a Peri Peri Original Franchise?
About Peri Peri Original

Our Ethos

Be the family’s first choice for great tasting grilled chicken at the perfect price. Take pride in our company and its high quality products, innovative menu and customer service. Value and respect all our customers, franchisees and colleagues at every level of the organisation. Maximize profitability for all our franchisees and stores.

Our Background

The Peri Peri Original is one of the UK’s leading grilled chicken delivery and take-away businesses. We have over 40 stores opened across the UK and many more opening soon. Our vision is to create a positive whereby our franchises generate profits in excess of the industry as a whole.

Set-up Support

A dedicated team of experts will assist you at every stage of setting up your franchise. This starts with selecting and evaluating the right site and continues with the planning, building, recruitment, legal matters, training, purchasing of equipment and the development of your business.


This is the most important area of our business, lead by our Head of Operations. Our experienced Regional Managers and Trainers are on hand to ensure our franchisees deliver great food to our customers. They are also there to support and assist with marketing and everyday matters to ensure profits are maximised.

Regular Business Advice

At any time, you can make an appointment with the management team to seek his advice and suggestions on various aspects of running your business. Management experts come together to provide you with solutions for problems and queries to review further growth plans

Initial Operation

We assist you soon after the launch of the outlet to make certain that you do not face any operational difficulties. An experienced field manager from Head Office is appointed to supervise the staff and the product preparation methods in the outlet. We also provide you with any required technical or marketing support. Our aim is to hand you an efficiently running, hassle-free business
Marketing is a very important part of ‘Peri Peri Original’ strategy. As well as activates designed to stimulate local markets, there is continuous national support in the form of major campaigns offering a range of special offers and deals. To communicate these deals, the company prints thousands of door drop leaflets per year. Stores also benefit from a variety of national advertising, marketing and PR campaigns, along with assistance from ‘Peri Peri Original’ team in developing their own local marketing plans.
Choosing the right Location

Peri Peri Original Franchising Prospectus available.

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